Sam And Jeny

“Adoption is an amazing act of selfless love.”

To begin, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to read about our family. We love adoption and the happiness it brings, but we are also fully aware of the heartache and tough choices that surround your decision. Adoption is an amazing act of selfless love.  There is so much respect, love and hope for you, and to be able to walk this journey with you is amazing. We want you to know that we already deeply love you and your baby and pray that you find comfort and peace.

We are Sam and Jenny and have been married 12 years. With our Midwest roots we love all things outdoorsy, such as hiking, camping and fishing. Traveling is something we love to do,  to explore new places and gain new experiences. The joy is even more meaningful now that we can share these experiences with our kids.

Our Family

We have two amazing and active little boys, both adopted, and they are very, very excited to be big brothers! They both love on and snuggle my niece and Eli is already the best big brother to Connor.
We love spending time together as a family and there is little time that we are ever apart. Sam and I own an outdoor sporting goods consignment shop and work together daily. Sam is more the “people-person” and I am more the “book-keeper”, but we are a perfect balance together. This perfect balance plays out in almost every aspect of our lives.

We can take our son to work!

We are so fortunate that Connor gets to go to work with us and we have a nice playroom set up at the store where we can still spend time with him between customers. Eli comes with us too when he is not in school. Sam also brings in extra income by being a substitute teacher and absolutely loves it. He particularly likes teaching the younger kids, pre-K through 2nd grade, and the kids love him too! He has become quite the popular substitute that all the teachers request!

Our Professions

We love that both of these jobs create so much flexibility in our lives and we are able to truly put family first. If a child is sick, one of us stays home with them and we don’t have to worry about missing school functions because the boss won’t let us off. (My “boss” kind of loves me!) We are extremely family oriented, even with our extended family.

For Fun

Last year, we vacationed for a week with 4 generations of Jenny’s family! We live about an hour from our families but we talk often and get together as much as we can. Sam comes from a family of 4 kids (he being the oldest) and Jenny has one younger sister. Both of our parents are still married after 30+ years each and Jenny’s grandparents just celebrated 50 years married last year! We have a strong faith foundation and believe that when God is your Cornerstone, anything is possible.

Family Routine

Part of our daily routine as a family consists of taking a nightly walk through our neighborhood with our Beagle, Lucky. We live in a very friendly subdivision where neighbors still come out to say “hi”, wave or have a quick chat. As a family it is important for us to eat dinner together around the table,  we try to frequently eat breakfast together as well.  Some of our family hobbies are reading, playing board or card games and coloring or art projects.

Our Hobbies

Sam’s hobbies include playing the guitar, reading about history or non-fiction and tinkering with projects in the garage. He’s extremely intelligent, kind, helpful and loves to learn new things. Jenny loves anything cooking or baking and enjoys trying new recipes she found on Pinterest, cooking shows, or cook books. (She’s pretty good too!) She’s also crafty, organized, self-driven and loyal.

In conclusion we cannot wait to meet you, we have so much respect for your decision to choose your baby, such a selfless love, and we acknowledge that.  We know this is only a glimpse of our lives and we hope you’ll find you want to know more about us!

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