“God has prepared our hearts to be ready to love and care for a child of our own, and we are praying He will lead us to the child meant for us.”

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  It is an honor to be considered by you.

Our hearts are full of compassion and prayer for you as you make the decision you believe is best for your baby and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us.

A little about us…

We met in college, quickly became friends, and began dating just a few months later. We loved going country dancing, rollerblading, practicing our acrobatic team partner moves, going to eat Mexican food, and laughing together over the littlest things. Brent has never ceased to be able to make me laugh & bring a smile to my face even in the sad moments of life. We were engaged just over a year later. A few months afterwards Brent got his dream job of being a firefighter and I finished my education degree and got my first teaching job. Soon after on June 21st we got married in my beautiful hometown church in southern Indiana in the presence of both of our families and many friends. Our life’s adventure together as a happily married couple began that day. We have enjoyed many adventures together including, but not limited to… wake boarding, wave running, snow skiing, planning for and traveling to many various countries around the world for fun and for mission trips, raising and loving our two German Shepherds, Zeus & Zoe, and being actively involved in our niece’s & nephew’s lives. We enjoy attending church together and have regular daily worship & prayer together. We tried to have a child of our own and weren’t able to get pregnant; but we’ve never stopped believing that God has a plan for our family. This is what has lead us to look in the direction of adopting. God has prepared our hearts to be ready to love and care for a child of our own, and we are praying he will lead us to the child meant for us.

About Jessica:
I grew up in a small town in southern Indiana. My mother & father provided a loving Christian home for myself, and two younger sisters. I attended small Christian schools where I got a good education, as well as had the opportunity to grow in my faith. My grandparents, and many aunts, uncles, & cousins lived close by and were a part of my daily life; so I learned early in life the importance of family. I loved school so much as child, that it lead me to choose the path of becoming a teacher. I loved playing outside, exploring nature, water sports, and going to summer camp. I still enjoy many of these things today, as well as traveling, writing, lifting weights and exercising. I am a happy, positive, and cheerful person that always tries to lift others up. I care with all my heart for the precious little students I work with each day & I look forward to the day that my heart will be able to be filled with love for a child of my own.

About Brent:
Originally from the Houston, TX area, I moved to North Texas to go to college. I had no idea what I wanted to do or where life was taking me! The first semester, I was walking to the school cafeteria and I saw all of the fire trucks take off from the fire station nearby. I saw that they were volunteer and I thought to myself, “that would be cool.” I went and joined the next day. After my first call, I had a direction in life. I knew that I wanted to be a firefighter. I met my future wife Jessica the next year in college and finished both school and my firefighter certification. Shortly after, Jessica and I got married, and I got hired by a paid fire department. I have worked there ever since! I have slowly worked my way up in rank to Assistant Chief. I love to travel, play games, volleyball, play with our dogs Zeus & Zoe, and I have a strange random talent that I picked up along the way of playing the bagpipes. I have a cheerfully optimistic outlook and I feel like I have a wonderful blessed life with my wife. I believe that God has really opened up my heart to adoption and I look forward to opening our lives, home, and heart to a child.