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Their journey of adoption

They say that the journey adoption is not for the faint of heart.  Emotions can weave up and down during the process for every individual involved. When Adoptive Parents, Craig and Christina came to Adoption Center of Hope, they shared their journey of adoption thus far.  They had experienced some deep valleys during their last Read more

What should I do?

“I got a call from a birth father sharing that his girlfriend was in labor.”

Last week I got a call from a birth father sharing that his girlfriend was in labor at the hospital – dilated to 6cm.  She was almost a month early so it was an unexpected call.  I, Read more

It’s National Adoption Awareness Month

My first contact with Adoption

I was recently asked what my first “contact” with adoption was because it’s National Adoption Awareness Month and people wonder how and why I do what I do.  In high school I remember hearing whispers about a girl who was one year younger than me. She had had a Read more


“Why work for the Adoption cause?’

The other day I was being interviewed by the producer of a show that is interested in doing a piece on Adoption Answer.  I like this producer – he and his wife have an incredible heart for adoption and orphans.  As he delved into his many questions, he asked me Read more

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