courageous birth mom


“We are in awe of the courageous spirit that you possess.”

Adoption has been a courageous journey that we have had the pleasure of experiencing.  Our little family has been truly blessed by Adoption. We are in awe of the selflessness, and the courageous spirit that you possess.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

Our story is sweet and uniquely “us”. We are Robin and Lauren, we met as teenagers and there were definitely sparks from the get go but they were not ignited until 25 years later. I thought Rob was the foxiest dude around but he was a bit chicken so our brief encounters fell flat until all the stars lined up. I was out of the country when Rob saw my story on Facebook about my travels. He reached out and that turned into a six-week email correspondence. A year later, we walked down the aisle in the country, at my Mom’s home place and six years later, the wild, exhilarating ride continues.

Our Family~

We have a beautiful seven-year-old daughter, Channing, from Nepal and an adorable little six-year-old son from China. Channing keeps asking when the “baby” will be here. Our kids are both smart, loving and adventurous. We love to travel, have pets that we adore, we attend family parties often, and have the best built in Grandaddy this side of the Chattahoochee! We want our home to be a safe haven for all our loved ones, especially our children. If they have friends who need a place to land, we always want to have that open door. Robin and I are both people loving fools to the core and don’t want any soul to walk away from either of us not feeling extra special. We love the Lord and promise to raise our children in the light and strength of His great love and all He stands for.


Elle is an only child.  A full house of kids has been her dream of  since she was knee high to a tadpole. She is musical, artistic, loyal, sensitive, and marches to her own drumbeat. She has a master’s degree, teaches in college, speaks professionally and has a media career. Currently her focus is on drinking in every drop of time with her beautiful children before she blinks and they are grown. She loves to laugh, she’s very outgoing, fairly tall, loves sweets and animals, making people feel included, and adores her father. Her beautiful mom, a third of their “Three Musketeers”, passed away eleven years ago.


Robin is the baby of four children. He is a businessman who is always there for his customers and he also loves his job. He loves people with every fiber of his being.  Robin is very outgoing, great at golf, and is the best cook around. His passion is making people smile through his special dishes. If you have a midnight craving, he is ready to jump in and create something extraordinary. He loves his kids and will move heaven and earth for them.  He calls the kids to be amazing souls packed full of character.

In conclusion, that is us in a nutshell! Thank you, from the top & bottom of our hearts, for taking the time to see into our little corner of the world for a few, brief moments. Any words we chose seem to fall short in light of what you are facing. We are grateful for your beautiful, giving, selfless, courageous, heart. My Mom used to say this cute little phrase in parting so I will close with her sentimental words: “May blessings chase you down the street and nibble at your heels”.

From our hearts, Robin & Lauren

courageous journey


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