Holly, Adoption coordinator

Holli co workers share about her

Holli Koning is one of our Adoption Coordinators, as well as a member of our Expectant Mom Support Team.

The timing and way that Holli came to our office was 100% Divine Intervention! She can tell you the whole story, but we all still sit in awe of how God is in every detail.  She and her husband, Nick, adopted their daughter McKinley within 10 months from when she first walked in our office door on what others might call a fluke, but we call it  – God’s amazing plan.

When you meet Holli, you will automatically be drawn to her prettiness, but it is her calming personality that is so attractive.  She is helpful and encouraging as she walks our Adoptive Families along their pathway to adopt.  Because Holli experienced, firsthand, the benefit of building a relationship with their daughter’s birth mom, she is amazing with helping our Expectant Parents through their adoption plan as well.

Holli lives in Southern California, with her husband Nick and their daughter, McKinley.

Here is the “Why?” Behind Holli’s  calling to work in Adoption

“I feel called to work in adoption thanks to the adoption of my daughter.
I saw the Lord’s hand in every single step along the way and I can see His
hand in this venue as well. He has put it on my heart to help others in
their adoption stories as others have helped me.”

Holli Shares

My superpower would be flight, so I would not have to sit in traffic on
my way to help people!

If I could change the world in an instant, I would change the hearts of mankind from lovers of self to lovers of


I am a huge reader, I often have 3 or 4 books going at once! I love all
different genres. I also collect old Bibles. I love antiquing and prefer the
old to the new. I also love to help women feel beautiful with makeup and

I don’t think I have a hidden talent, besides eating cookies!

I am most proud of my family. My Husband and my Daughter are my most
treasured things in this world.

I read to relax, I stay up after everyone has gone to bed, and enjoy the

We have two Pugs and old lady Annie-Mae and an Old Man Charlie-Daniels
and a giant puppy Yellow Lab Watson.

An interesting fact about me is I have pink and red hair.

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