In speaking with so many Adoptive Families throughout the years, this sums up their feelings – for at least part of their journey.

It is so hard to stay encouraged. There are many times that we want to give up hope. Here are some things that you can do when and if you find yourself in that place:

1. Continue living life, having fun and being involved in things that you enjoy. Life does not stop because you may be getting a baby soon… when your baby arrives, you can then make adjustments to your extracurricular activities.

2. Surround yourself with Sound Support. There are a lot of naysayers and haters in this world. There are too many pessimists as well. Your adoption journey is yours… include only those who can lift you up on days when you feel down, push you forward when you want to give up and remind you with love and goodness why on earth you are doing this.

3. Keep your head up. We know who is ultimately in control of your family and adoption process. Keep looking toward the Lord for the comfort and strength you need during this process.

4. Focus on Forward. It is easy to compare what is happening on your journey with what others are experiencing. Don’t go there. And, it is always a good thing to not be a dweller of the past… whatever circumstances and trial have brought you to being where you are right now, they do not need to be constantly dwelt upon.