journey of adoption

“We cannot wait to see God’s pathway for us on this miraculous journey of Adoption.”

The reason we chose to be a part of this journey of adoption with The Adoption Center of Hope, was because of the positive impact and legacy it leaves with you, the birth mother.  We are so honored you have considered us to be the adoptive parents for your baby.  We do not take this commitment lightly, and have prayerfully considered the lifelong commitment to both of us.

Our journey  of adoption began when Eric was a child, his family adopted his younger sister.  Going through the process of adoption in his family, has given us a new appreciation on what you are going through.  When Eric’s sister grew older, she was faced with an adoption situation with her own child.  This has given us first-hand thankfulness on what you are going through as well.  This journey is not only about us, it is about honoring and respecting you and you desires equally.

About Us

We live in a unique and quiet cul-de-sac in Southern California where all the neighbors know each other well.  We all have kids and in the summer time you can find everyone outside playing by the pool and barbecuing.  The Lord has blessed us with nearly ten years of awesome marriage.  We are proud to be the parents of four boys, Brody (8), Keaton (7), Grayson (4), and Colby (20 months).  They are full of life and each one of them brings a unique and special personality to our life.  Our big family does everything together.  When we roll up to soccer or baseball practice in our 12 passenger Sprinter van and four boys jump out, we normally turn a lot of heads.  We enjoy every minute of the crazy life of a party of six.  Some of our favorite times together are at the dinner table, where we eat every night as a family.  We love the Lord and love people.

Eric was in the military before he graduated college.  He is now a Police Officer in our community where he loves to interact and engage with the people he serves.   Eric enjoys being able to make a positive impact in our community and being a role model to the kids.  He often shows up to the kid’s school in uniform to say hi, read a book with the class, or let the boys friends climb around in his patrol car.  When he is not being a Police Officer, he loves to cycle, do anything with his boys, and serve in their church.  He loves children and is so excited to have a princess to spoil.

Jennifer is living out her dream as a stay at home mom.  After graduating college, she taught pre-school before having their first child.  She loves volunteering at the kid’s school and is active in their church.  Jennifer enjoys doing anything outdoors, shopping, and spending time with family.  Jennifer’s mom and siblings live just a few miles away, so family gatherings with the nieces and nephews are often.  Her mom can’t wait to add grandchild number nine to the family, where she will be surrounded with love and support.

This is us.  We are a super close and loving family who cannot wait to bless four big brothers with a sister to protect and cherish.  We are honored by your courageous, giving, and selfless love.  Our legacy is to raise loving, honoring, and committed children, and you are a part of that story.  Thank you.

 Eric and Jennifer

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