I wanted to thank you for being a part of our Adoption Answer page and community, and for sharing things with others that happen to touch your heart.  Recently, we posted about a Preemie Boy that was to be born this week.  This particular Expectant Mom wanted the ability to choose the right Adoptive Family for her son.  We only had a select few of our own Adoption Answer Families that were available to adopt a preemie, so we shared with you.  You were so helpful as you shared.  We, literally, had hundreds upon hundreds of responses through email.  They say that “Adoption makes God’s family small!”  I love that thought and this situation certainly proved that to be right on!

We appreciate so much, all of you that stepped out in blind faith regarding this baby boy.  Ultimately, after a series of events, it was one of our own, sweet, Adoption Answer Families that was selected by this Expectant Mom.  They were en route to Idaho when we received a call that this baby – the baby boy that we all have thought of and prayed over this whole week – was no longer viable.  Today, instead of celebrating his birth, we mourn for him and the dream of who we thought he would be.  The dreams that both the Birth Mom and Adoptive Parents had of and for him.  And, at the same time, God’s peace has been so present.

My prayer is for that complete peace that passes all understanding for all who have been involved in this situation.  Our staff and helpers grieve as well.

Birth Mom could really use our prayers.  The road to this point, today, has been a difficult one.  Please pray for Megan  – for her health and well being.

As they are on their drive back home, our Adoptive Mom texted me this, “Well… He was almost a little brother.  Just thinking how wonderful it is that he is in his real, permanent home.  It’s much better than mine. “  I can tell she is processing.  I know that she and her husband are both numb.  Please pray for them… and for their kids who have displayed much faith and excitement, just like their parents, this whole adoption journey.  

 I have said it many times before that adoption is the biggest of faith builders.  It stretches us.  Thank you for being stretched with us on this one.  Thank you for your continued prayers.