Last week, we interviewed one of the Birth Moms we have helped – on The Adoption Answer Radio Show.  After our family listened to the show, I overheard my son share this with my daughter.  “Mom’s going to have a HUGE mansion in heaven.  She always does good things for people and makes the right choices… helping people and showing Jesus’ love and stuff.”

Here it is a week later and I continue to think about this…  and it is NOT because I am “all that” and want you to know it.  In fact, I am actually “not all that” at all!   I’m a wife and mom who has a lot of bad days and a woman with a ministry/company that relies totally on the Lord so that we can show up daily to hopefully help others.  I think my faith continues to grow because God knows me so well… He keeps me humble and totally relying on Him for everything from physical energy, answers to my own and others life problems that come to me, financial sustenance…

I think the thing that hits my Mama heart so deeply about this, is that my 8 year old Garrett, has an understanding that our earthly obedience merits rewards in heaven… AND that he believes his own Mom to be an upcoming, deserving reward winner of not just a mansion, but a HUGE mansion.  <3  This kid sees the real, imperfect me. The mom who can be distracted, short tempered, forget to pick up milk from the store and misses some of his games because of “work”.  I am touched and incredibly relieved to have heard these other “mansion” thoughts of his.

Trusting in the Lord hasn’t always come so naturally to me, and there are still days when I want to do it my own way.  Pride, material possessions and the attaining of MY goals used to run really big with me.  Well you know what pride comes before, right?  Yep. It took falling down and getting scraped up big time in life, for me to literally see and feel the Lord picking me up.  We did this a couple of times.  Me: falling down.  God: picking me up and holding me close in the process.  Me: hugging God back, saying thank you and then going on my own merry way to fall on my face again.  God: picking me back up, holding me close and waiting patiently for me to not only seek Him for temporary answers, but to trust Him for long term solutions.  Because I have experienced that in such a real manner, I can now so honestly point others to Him. Trusting in Him is faith in action and for me, helping others is part of that.  My greatest prayer and desire in life is for my own children to get this message.  Hopefully, they are.  Maybe we can all have mansions on the same golden street. 😉