Those moments that make you cry… you know, those times when you witness or hear something and before you realize it, you feel the tears running down your cheeks because your heart is squeezing them out of your whole being.  Yesterday, I had one of those moments when my daughter, Arielle, called from her mission trip in Ecuador.  The gist of what she shared was this:  The streets of Ecuador are filled with Street Kids.  Street Kids are parentless and homeless children that take care of themselves. They are easy targets and often become victims of things that you and I do not like or want to think about.  Ecuador is a known destination for child prostitution and the evil is palpable.

Meanwhile, here in my family oriented, tract home neighborhood, I am the mom who makes sure my son is watched as he walks to the next door neighbor’s house to see if his friend can play. It is not uncommon for me to ask whoever watched Garrett walk to the neighbor’s front door, “Did you SEE him at the front door?” and “Where are the boys now, in our back yard or their back yard?”  Perhaps, I have watched a few too many Nancy Grace newscasts, but I think I am a pretty normal mom. I want to be present to my kids and am protective, because I love them. Kids need moms.

Street Kids don’t have a mom, or dad. Oh, how my heart cries, thinking about that.  Arielle shared a story of this 2 to 3 year old little girl, who after being picked up and held, did not want to be put back down. When asked where her mom was, a 5 year old little girl spoke up and said that SHE takes care of her.  The 5 year old takes care of the 3 year old. They are unrelated, but somehow through tragic circumstances, they are now family.

Arielle is wrecked and emotionally spent by what she is witnessing, yet she is stronger, spiritually.  She shared, “My life will never be the same, Mom.   I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I don’t want to come home.”  My response is honestly, a tearful smile and a very proud, mama’s heart. Actually, I’m not surprised at all by her thoughts and feelings.  I would be so much more concerned, if this experience did not impact her to do something more.  In fact, what she is experiencing should be shared – so that others can be motivated to do something more, too.

That is actually why we started The Adoption Answer Show radio program.  My passion and calling is Adoption – Orphan Care, Foster Care, Birth Mom Support Services and helping anyone in an unplanned pregnancy.  My co-host, Lara Scott, brought her years of radio broadcasting experience and fun personality to the show, along with her huge heart. Together, we are two moms that are excited to share all things ADOPTION related, to the church audience…  and the world.  Our hope and intention is to make a difference in this world that, so needs, to have some differences made.  Every child deserves a family that loves them.

Every single one of our guests has been called to be a part of something unplanned and painful, yet beautiful and inspiring. Something that was so much bigger than they could have ever imagined.  Each guest shares their own amazing life story, ministry, passion.  I promise that you will be moved – so much so, that I can tell you honestly that Lara and I have shed tears while taping every show together.  (True story – yesterday, I had a handsome, manly law enforcement officer and his pretty, sweet wife in my office.  They shared that they had listened to last week’s show – and he was so affected, that he cried while listening! As we were talking, they both teared up because they felt like they were truly experiencing God working on their hearts regarding adoption.  The show had given them food for thought, that led to them to pray… and you know what happens when we pray – God really does answer our prayers! We should be excited and emotional when He moves us to do something!)

The Adoption Answer Show comes with a warning, you just might experience that moment where your heart squeezes some tears out.  We share stories, facts and faith.  We offer help, how to’s and adoption answers.  We throw in some statistics sometimes, too.  Not because we want to bore you, but because the numbers we share are actually REAL CHILDREN. For example, there really are 153 MILLION ORPHANS in our world.  The goal, here at The Adoption Answer Show, is for each show to give you a real life picture.  Our picture will not just be that of a helpless child, but will offer inspiration and HOPE.   Another example – Did you know that there are over 2 BILLION Christians in the world?  The number of Christians trumps the number of orphans… big time. (I’m not great at math, but googled and found out that there are 1000 Millions in every Billion.)  The number of orphans is staggering, but the number of Christians is bigger!  That fact alone gives us HOPE!

We (Christians) can make a way bigger difference than we are currently making. I, personally, think a lot of the reason we are not doing more, is because we haven’t been shown how to. Ta da! The Adoption Answer Show will help with that part, we just need for you to listen, share, pray and… be willing to do whatever it is that God calls you to do.

Thanks for reading our blog and listening to The Adoption Answer Show where we know that every child deserves to be a part of a loving family.  Together, we CAN do so much more.