“I got a call from a birth father sharing that his girlfriend was in labor.”

Last week I got a call from a birth father sharing that his girlfriend was in labor at the hospital – dilated to 6cm.  She was almost a month early so it was an unexpected call.  I, in turn, called Alison the Adoptive Mom.  No answer, leave message.  Call home number, same thing.  Text her.  No response.  They live about two 1/2 hours away from the hospital.

In preparation for time off of work, Alison was expecting a letter from me to be emailed to her that day.  I sent it and she thought I was calling to let her know I sent it, so was in no rush to listen to her messages or read her texts.  As I was en route to the hospital, I called her again and she happily answered not expecting this call to be – THE CALL!

“Alison – hi, did you get my message?”  She said – “I saw you called, but didn’t listen to your message.”  “Did you get my text?”  I ask.  She says – “I didn’t read it.”  So nice to be so loved. 🙂

I let her know that her birth mom is in labor.  6 centimeters.  In hospital.  Having baby.  Right Now.  Alison is so adorable.  Her first response is “What should I do?”   Not just a regular, normal “What should I do?”, but a high pitched, Oh my gosh, help me kinda “Whaaaaat shoooooould I dooooo?!!”

Sometimes I LOVE my job and this just happens to be one of those moments.   That excitement cannot be reproduced.

When I got to the hospital, I was happy to help this adorable birth mom through her labor until Alison arrived just in time to help her through the delivery part.  Alison’s husband, Todd, and I were blessed to have front row seats in the hallway right in front of the delivery room.  We listened to all of  the interaction during the pushing and the whole birth.  We saw the baby right after she was born.  So amazing!  Always such a miracle.

It’s interesting what a Dad talks about while his baby is being pushed out in the next room.  I can almost guarantee that Todd does not recall our conversation about the history of certain religions, his dogs, the Incredible Hulk (long story),  how teachers have it made (work wise/hour wise/vacation wise)…  He is a History Teacher so he has every right to say whatever he wants to about history or teachers. 🙂  And – he’s obviously excited and nervous and can’t believe what’s happening is actually really happening.

I more often get to see women become a mommy.  It was really special to witness this kind man with such a great sense of humor – in a moment -become a daddy.  Tears in his eyes, deep breath, looks at me nervously/excitedly before he walks in to meet his daughter.

When I went to visit them the next day in the hospital, it didn’t surprise me at all to find Todd and Alison laying on one bed with the baby and the birth mom and dad hanging out on the other one.  There they were – the five of them, as comfortable as can be.  I LOVE this situation.  As hard and emotional as some situations are – this one is is just right.