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THE ANSWER for Adoptive Parents looking to adopt a baby.

Adoption Center of Hope partners with you and gives you clarity anf hop, we walk you through every step of how to adopt.  Our goal is to help you reach your goal of adopting a baby.  We ensure that all of your concerns and preferences

Hope to families world wide

are made priority when planning your adoption with you.  We then systematically and aggressively search for the perfect situation for you.

How to Adopt?  Our 3 KEYS to working with you to Adopt Successfully~

1. Compassion: We understand your want for a baby.  We also recognize that the decision to adopt has been a process of circumstances, thoughts and feelings.  We appreciate the journey you have been on and are confident that we can help you. We appreciate you allowing us to answer your questions about how to adopt.

2. Communication:  We are honored to have you seek our experience and guidance.  We are here to provide answers honestly and promptly.

3. Commitment: We realize the courage and trust it takes for you to adopt.  We are dedicated to walking you through the process completely and with integrity.  We are committed to helping you to successfully adopt your baby.

What are the advantages of working with Adoption Center of Hope?

  • The short wait. The average time period it takes to match our Adoptive Parents with an Expectant Birth Mother that meets your profile criteria is 1 to 10 months. (The current nationwide average waiting time for a complete adoption of a newborn baby in the U.S. is 2-7 years.)
  • You have our commitment to your success. If a match does not result in a completed adoption placement due to either the Expectant Birth Mother’s or Adoptive Parent’s choice, Adoption Center of Hope will continue to make efforts to replace that situation until the end result is a successful match.
  • You are not just a number to us! We are dedicated to ensuring that your picture resume is shown How to Adoptin as many places and to as many Birth Mothers as possible.  We work with a limited amount of families to ensure personal attention be given to you.
  • The expertise of our wonderful staff. Communication is the key. Because these young women come from all different walks of life, our staff has been trained to met each individual Expectant Birth Mom exactly where she is at in her life right now.  We have the knowledge and experience of how and when to make an adoption plan that works, the ability to implement the proper standard of boundaries and uphold our commitment to treat our Expectant Birth Moms with respect and honesty.  As a result, we have had a very low number of failed adoptions after placement.
  • We are successful in our advertising efforts. Our advertising knowledge gives us the advantage to know where to most effectively advertise via newspapers, magazines, internet, yellow pages, and many social media platforms. Our success has come through trial and error with time and experience.
  • Advertising and Outreach Programs are consistently increased in order to reach and help more Expectant Birth Moms ~ which results in more successful adoption placements. We aggressively advertise in order to reach more and more Birth Moms.
  • Public Speaking and Outreach Programs – In addition, public speaking and outreach is done in high schools, churches and youth organizations around the country.  We are given the gift of referrals as we educate the youth and public to the positives of adoption.
  • We partner with you and your legal counsel to establish the proper adoption plan for you. Having been involved in hundreds of successful adoption placements has given us the opportunity to work with some of the best adoption attorneys in the country.
  • Adoption Center of Hope is ON CALL 24 HOURS EVERY DAY to receive and screen every Expectant Birth Mother who calls in on our toll free HELPLINE. Our Expectant Mom/Birth Mom Coordinator and Counselors are experts at handling these calls.  Often, the calls are emotional.  More often, the callers have difficulty trusting and are scared.  It takes a trained balance of professionalism and love to hear these young women and meet their needs.  The screening process is very time consuming as only one out of five calls we receive ever make it to our clients as a prospective match.
  • Our main focus for you, our Adoptive Family, is to get you matched with an Expectant Mom that meets your standards – promptly. It is important to us that we help walk you through the entire process of how to adopt. We want to see you home with the baby of your dreams.

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