Becoming parents

“Becoming parents through Adoption is so special!”

It is our honor to share your journey with you, we are humbled.  Our names are Andrew and Heather.  We met in college and have been married 14 years.  We both love history and exploring new places, so our first several years together were spent traveling.

When we decided  on becoming parents our focus changed.  We have two biological sons, ages four and two.  Our joy is now closer to home. Living close to family we tend to spend time as family barbecues, getting together to bake cookies, going on walks, and curling up together on the couch to read books. Even before we had our two children we felt a calling to Adopt. Although becoming parents to our boys has brought us great joy, we continue to have a deep longing to grow our family through Adoption.  Both boys share our excitement.  When we ask them if they would like a baby sister, they smile and emphatically say, “Yes!”


Andrew was a very successful college and professional soccer coach.  However, he decided that being with family was what really mattered, so he gave up life on the road to be home.  He now works for one of the largest sports academies in the nation teaching “Life Skills Through Sports” to kids.  He enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, and experiencing new things.  Andrew highly values respect and asking people to strive to do better.


Heather is an elementary school teacher.  As a sixth grade teacher,  she loves the energy and creativity found in a classroom full of students.  She also loves hiking, gardening, baking, reading, and (most importantly) laughing.  Strength and purpose are found in Heather, as well as faith, family, and friends.

In conclusion, we are excited to welcome a new baby into our family and are committed to offering a home full of love, laughter, support, and rich experiences.   We would be eternally grateful to you should you choose to share your child with us.

becoming parents, Andrew and Heather

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