Who utilizes our Expectant/Birth Mom Support Service?
1. All those in need of professional and experienced help with educating any woman in an unplanned pregnancy about adoption. We are able to assess commitment level, access pertinent information and care for the needs of Expectant/Birth Moms and Birth Fathers in a professional manner.

2. We help Adoptive Families who are involved in an “Independent Adoption”, as well as those who are actively self-marketing, have located an Expectant Mom or possible match situation.

3. We work with Adoption Attorneys who wish to have an independent party responsibly tend to the needs of any Expectant/Birth Mom that may be:

A. Utilizing them as an attorney. (They take care of the legal aspects of case, we take care of           Expectant/Birth Parents.
B. Matched with their Adoptive Family client.

4. We partner with any Adoption Service or Facilitator whose primary focus is to “match” an    Adoptive Family with a potential Expectant/Birth Mom, but not offer support services        beyond the match.

Why choose Adoption Center of Hope to help us with our Expectant/Birth Mom?

1. We believe that Adoption is miraculous… but there are many steps to take in order to reach that miracle. Adoptive Parents should be honored and educated through the process. Our position and role is to help our Adoptive Parents create a relationship and Adoption Plan with their Expectant/Birth Mom that is both protective and comfortable for both parties.

2. Our heart is all about helping any woman in an unplanned pregnancy – with no judgment of lifestyle, vice or background. We meet them exactly where they are at in life and help them to move forward. We have a dedicated HELPLINE and are available 24 Hours/7 Days a week.

3. With over 20 years of experience, we have been able to educate thousands of women in unplanned pregnancies. We have helped HUNDREDS who have chosen to create an adoption plan.

4. We are very well versed at walking Expectant/Birth Fathers and Extended Expectant/Birth Families through the process.

5. Our goal is to honor both the Adoptive Family and the Expectant Mom as we help both parties navigate through their adoption journey. Otherwise, known as the go-to person or mediator, we handle the professional, business, financial details. With our help, the Adoptive Family can maintain their relationship more comfortably on a personal level.

6. Because our service is NATIONWIDE, we have a network of attorneys, social workers, counselors and adoption professionals we can refer to in order to best help our clients through their adoption plan.

7. Our goal is to help Adoptive Families fulfill their dream to adopt. Our experience is to personally and professionally help them understand the needs of their Expectant/Birth Mom during the adoption process, hospital stay and beyond.

8. We desire to develop a relationship with the Expectant/Birth Mom that continues beyond her adoption plan. We offer a Life Coaching Program for Women who have completed an adoption plan. This helps them to heal, move forward in a healthy manner, set goals and map out a plan to reach them. We have seen the women we serve bloom in all areas of life – personal, relationship, overcome addiction, grow parenting skills, further their education, and gain careers.

Expectant/Birth Mom Support Services

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    We are happy to work in conjunction with your legal counsel. If you need a referral for legal counsel, we can assist you.