Jewish Adoptive Couple

“Each of our lives is a story, filled with chapters and blooming storylines. This part of your story is just a chapter, but the rest of your story is yet to be written…”

Before we share with you about our story, our hopes and dreams, we first want to say that we admire you for the decision you have made to choose life for your unborn child. Your decision to give your child an opportunity to grow up in a home that is not your own must be the most difficult choice you have ever had to make. Thank you for your courage to make this choice for your baby to grow up in a home filled with the love of God and trust in Him, with a mother and father that will love and cherish your child. And it is our heart’s desire that you would choose us to be this family, to become a part of your story in your book of life.  We will continue to pray for you as the rest of your story unfolds.