“We truly appreciate the strength and courage it took to come to Adoption Center of Hope.”

We can only imagine this has been a very difficult decision, and truly respect your strength, and that you want to make absolutely sure your child has the best possible childhood.

About Us-

We feel so grateful for having found each other four years ago. Our life together has been filled with so many blessings. We love spending time together – hiking, mountain biking, back packing, camping, reading, traveling and especially having fun with family and friends. We love pets! We have two very social and friendly dogs and two cats that enjoy snuggling and kissing.

Family is very important to us. We plan on encouraging our children to be compassionate human beings by providing an atmosphere of love and support, allowing them to grow into the best person they can be. We feel so grateful and blessed to grow our family through adoption.

Thank you for taking the time to know more about our family and for considering adding your child to our family! We will also be pleased to know more about you if you are comfortable with that. We think it is important for our children to know their roots. Which includes knowing about their birth parents.

About Mariana-

Mariana was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Her parents live in Lisbon and her brother in Paris. Mariana and her family have very close relationships, speaking often with each other, and visiting each other at least once a year. Her brother has 2 beautiful little boys with whom she Skypes often. She is a licensed M.D. and Clinical Psychologist in Portugal. She just started a midwifery homebirth and a pre, perinatal and early childhood coaching practice in the US. She loves to mountain bike, go backpacking, camping, spending time at the beach, scuba diving, spending time with friends and family and cooking. She can’t wait to speak Portuguese with our children! Steve’s words: “Mariana is one of the most compassionate and loving people I have ever known. She is very devoted to health in body, heart, mind and spirit. She is always thinking of the welfare and happiness of others. She is my best friend for life. I have never loved someone as completely and deeply as I love her!”

About Steve

Steve was born on a ranch 30 miles from Red Bluff, California, and spent his first 8 years there. Steve graduated from UC Berkely in Engineering and sells enterprise software systems to electric utilitites.  He loves to go for long mountain bike rides, backpacking or skiing, or just about anything that is outdoors in mountains or the ocean.  In Mariana’s words, ” I admire Steve’s big heart and how he is so caring kind and compassionate.  He is always wanting to help others.  I love his adventurous spirit and joyful nature.  He already is such a great father.  I cannot wait to see him flourish into fatherhood again.”


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